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The website is organised and funded by PTC Therapeutics for healthcare professionals in Middle East and Africa

Resources for healthcare professionals

About Aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC)
What is Aromatic L-amino Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) deficiency?
Make a diagnosis
How to diagnose Aromatic L-amino Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) deficiency?
When should you screen for Aromatic L-amino Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) deficiency?
Get to know the Key differentiating signs and symptoms for AADC deficiency
Differentiating AADC deficiency from cerebral palsy
Test for Aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC)
How does 3-OMD screening help in the diagnosis of AADC deficiency?
Gene therapy
What is gene therapy?

AE-AADC-0267 | August 2022

Welcome to "About AADC MEA"

This website is provided for healthcare professionals residing in the Middle East and Africa.

This educational website provides information to support the early and accurate diagnosis of rare neurotransmitter disorders, including Aromatic L-amino Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) deficiency.